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We recently contracted Arborcure to fell and remove a 40ft by 40ft 'bushed out' Eucalyptus tree from the bottom of our garden. A tricky job thanks to the density of the foliage and slippery branches.

Quotes received were in the region of £1200 - £1400 which we didn't think was too bad, until Mr Neale (Matt) of Arborcure came in with £400. We were a bit dubious about the price difference, but since the tree was nowhere near our house we gave them the go-ahead.

We needn't have worried - the two guys worked their socks off for a full 12 hours and brought the thing down in a professional and controlled way, with no damage and little mess. Given our huge saving we insisted on giving them a sizable tip - but had to practically force them to accept it.

We wouldn't hesitate to use them again ourselves or recommend them to others.

Arborcure response
12 hours may seem a long time but this was due to the location of the tree above greenhouses and fences etc and the volume of timber that had to be logged up before removing from site and distance travelled to offload them. As far as the price goes we at Arborcure are sensible with our pricing of jobs and the other qoutes received for this job, to us seem extortionate. You can receive the same high standard of work from smaller tree surgery firms like ourselves and others in the Plymouth area, but at a more sensible price compared to larger companies. But it is always best to check the firm hold valid insurance, qualifications and carry the correct equipment for the job before employing anyone.

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